About Me

Having been a Graphic Designer for 15 years I decided to take my photography to a new level. I started my company Jeff Pardoen Photography in October 2015. I am a photographic omnivore. I like taking pictures of everything. I can go philosophical and dish out a nice statement about capturing the soul of the moment or the dichotomy of light and dark or trapping life and it’s fleeting moments onto the image sensor and so converting life’s energy into a digital representation of our own self, but I won’t.

I just love taking pictures.

I love post-processing. I love tweaking an image to make it mine. I do love photographers who do everything in camera. Get the exposure and composition just right and don’t do anything anymore to the image. I admire people who can do that, I on the other hand like to fiddle around with my image, it is part of my photographic journey, pressing the shutter is just step 1.

I have always been a strong proponent of the saying ‘it’s not the gear that makes the photograph but the photographer’. Some people just do need the latest and bestest otherwise they think they will not be able to take decent photographs and that is just so misguided.

I do have a main interest and that is Wedding Photography. I love the tension of photographing a whole day, from pre-wedding preparations to the festivities at night capturing the signature moments that fill that special day.