I have released my first book!

I am so proud to announce my first book! Next to wedding photography I love to explore my surroundings. In the four years I have been living in the UK I have shot some amazing and inspiring sights that I want to share with you. It is not a definitive guide to Yorkshire and that was never my intention. It is but a little slice of what beauty is to be seen here. These are a few of my favourite photos of a few places I have visited in the four years that I have been living in the UK. I hope nonetheless that I managed to capture some of the beauty of my surroundings and that it will inspire some of you to visit this stunning part of Britain. 

I have been asked ‘will you stay in the UK?’, ‘Will you return to The Netherlands soon?’. My answer: I am not ready to leave here. I love my surroundings, I am doing things I have never done before, taking on challenges I wouldn’t have thought of doing only a few years back, so I will be here for a while longer…
A full preview is available on the website: