Wedding Danielle and Philip

Danielle and Philip asked me to photograph their wedding ceremony and the last bit of bridal preparation. I arrived at Danielle’s parents house in Sunderland at 12:00 and dived straight in to the by now familiar flurry of pre-ceremony activity. Everyone scurrying to and fro, make up and hair in the last stages of completion, people dropping in including a quick visit of the groom who brought one of their two daughters around the house and then quickly left to do his own preparations.

So much activity is always condensed in a short amount of time, and that was surely the case over here. When I arrived everybody was still in ‘civilian’ clothes as I will call them and in full swing of getting prepared. I checked the Exif data (all the info that comes with a photograph, including the time when the photo was taken) to see when the limousine left for the church and that was at 12:45 so within three quarters of an hour everyone was dressed and ready to go! 🙂 I quickly drove to St Mary & St Peter’s Church to capture the bride’s arrival and cover the ceremony. After the ceremony we did some portraits and a few shots at the venue and then it was a wrap for me. A short but very sweet assignment, all the best to Danielle and Philip!