Wedding Emma and Montana

On the 17th of September I photographed Emma and Montana’s wedding. It was a whole day shoot and arrival at the brides’ parents house was at 09:00 to cover the day from the make up stage on. Everyone was still in their jammies, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the E-M1’s silent shutter again did its magic when it needed to. People just forget that you are around and are not distracted by the shutter click. I really love it, but I already said that before didn’t I? (Excerpt from latest blogpost: “The Olympus OM-D E-M1 has a silent shutter mode that came with the latest firmware upgrade. People are not distracted anymore by the shutter click and act more naturally so I love this latest feature!”). Oops, I did!

Tension was building up, everybody was stood outside waiting for Emma to come out, the living room was by that time a No Go Zone. Finally Emma came out in her beautiful dress and we went off to Preston Hall where the wedding ceremony was to take place. At arrival I went straight to The Music Room where the proud groom Montana was already waiting for her bride to arrive. Not long after Emma arrived, guided to the front by her dad in traditional Scottish garb and the ceremony got underway.

After the ceremony we took a few shots outside Preston Hall and then went to the venue in Billingham, the Billingham Synthonia Club where I stayed until the first dance. At some point even a T Rex appeared! Everyone had fun and it was a pleasure to just roam around and try to capture those moments. It was great fun and I had a blast, on to the next one!