Wedding Kelly and Thomas

I was asked by Kelly and Thomas to cover their wedding. Initially they opted for a 4 hour shoot but decided in the end for the whole day package, my favourite! ‘Yeah because you get more money, that’s why’ you would say but that is only partly true. I love doing the whole day because you experience the whole gamut of emotions. The tension, (or lack of) in the hours leading up to the moment that it is finally going to happen. Ultimately even in the most relaxed situations the mood changes when the final hour before the ceremony approaches. Things get kicked into high gear suddenly, and you see and feel the tension rising. Trying to capture that is a pleasure and a challenge for me.

The wedding was in the beautiful village of Egglescliffe, a hidden gem. The church and the field where the tipis stood who acted as the venue were a stones throw away from Kelly’s parents’ house where she prepared for the wedding, so everything was in walking distance.

The ceremony was in St. John the Baptist Church and it was rewarding to be able to capture the looks exchanged between Kelly and Thomas. After the ceremony there was a brief pause in which they took a little ride in the horse and carriage, a little escape from the hectic day. The wedding breakfast was held in the aforementioned tipis who were like the tents in the Harry Potter 3 movie. I mean they were not small but at first glance from the outside you wondered if it could hold 100 people or more. But when you entered them the interior space was massive. Some people referred to them as the Tardis 🙂

I stayed until the cutting of the cake and the first dance, and then a 12 hour day came to an end, I said goodbye to the happy couple and went home content.