Wedding Leonie and Eelke

When I was still working as a Graphic Designer in The Netherlands I got a few wedding photography assignments. Leonie was an acquaintance for whom I produced adverts while working for the newspapers. She approached me with the question if I wanted to photograph her wedding. I was honoured to be considered and accepted. It was a full day and as so many other weddings started with the make up phase. The place where most of the festivities would take place was the bride’s parents house. After Eelke came over to see his wife to be, drinks and speeches were held in the garden.

The ceremony took place in a little church just outside Apeldoorn and straight after that we went to Radio Kootwijk for the posed wedding shots. It is an astonishing building, a former transmitting station for communication between The Netherlands and its former colony, now Indonesia. It has a stark beauty, Art Deco at its best. It was the place where Eelke had proposed so very fitting for the shoot. Shoot finished we went back to the house for afternoon tea and cutting of the cake. My day ended there and I came home with some excellent shots.